8 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Potatoes


  1. Portion your potatoes

Buying the right amount of potatoes for your household and cooking the right amount means a stress-free kitchen and less waste. Our easy-to-use Portion Planner helps you calculate the amount of potatoes you need to buy based on the number of people you’re cooking for. Sorted!

Try our Portion Planner

  1. Green or sprouty spuds? They’re still good to eat

If your potatoes get green patches or sprouts, don’t worry – cut those bits off and the rest is still fine to eat. A wrinkly potato has lost most of its nutrients, but it’s still safe to eat.

  1. Potato peelings make good eats

Yup. Honest. See beyond the humble peel: they make great crisps. Sprinkle potato peelings with salt, pepper, chilli or whatever flavour takes your fancy, and pop them in the oven until golden and crispy.

  1. Have a mash up

If you’ve got a few spuds lurking at the back of the cupboard, boil them up and make some mash. Freeze it in portions in separate freezer bags or reusable containers – next time you’re in a rush, you’ll have mashed potato on standby. Add leftover sprouts or greens from your Sunday lunch to your mash and turn it into bubble and squeak by frying together in a pan with some butter. Yum. You can even make your own ‘mash browns’ for breakfast the next day – keep any leftover mashed potato in a container in the fridge, then make them into little patties and pan fry.

  1. The perfect roast potatoes

#Goals. Parboil and freeze potatoes for later. You can roast them directly from frozen and they’re guaranteed to be crispy, golden and delicious. Or use your freezer to prep like a pro before your Sunday roast. Parboil and roast your spuds as normal and let them cool before popping in the freezer. You can cook them straight from frozen on the day, saving on that veg-peeling time.

  1. Make a mean potato salad

Mix leftover boiled potatoes with mayonnaise and chopped onions to make a tasty lunch or side. Simple!

  1. Bulk it up

Leftover cooked potatoes can be added to soups to thicken them, or omelettes for extra oomph, or casseroles and curries along with other leftover veg to add substance… the possibilities are endless.

  1. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: You can freeze leftover chip shop chips

We saved the best ‘til last. If you were given a bigger portion of chips than you bargained for from the chippy, put them in the freezer and reheat them in the oven later for extra crispy chips. Honestly, just try it!

What else can I do?

Buy only the potatoes you’ll eat, store them in the best possible way (remember: fresh spuds like a cool, dark, airy place – not the fridge) and you’ll be laughing. More spud-saving ideas:

Store your spuds right

Try a few of our leftover recipes 

Like this one: You’ve perfected banana bread and mastered your lemon drizzle, how about a new cake challenge? Use your leftover spuds to make some cracking cupcakes!

Find the recipe here: https://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/recipe/norwegian-potato-muffins








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