Collections are key resources grouped by campaign, type of resource, or theme.

RFS Christmas assets 2020

These assets have been created to encourage recycling over the festive period.

RFS Disruption Toolkit

This guide aims to support local authorities to communicate any disruption to recycling and waste collections, caused by a number of reasons, to ensure citizens are aware of what is happening, what to do and how to find out more information.


Resources to support services changes as a result of disruption from Coronavirus.

Food Waste Reduction Business Support

Zero Waste Scotland’s Food Waste Reduction Business Support is funded by the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund.

RFS Recycle on the Go Toolkit

Re-use brand

Raise awareness and change attitudes around re-use with these free materials for partners to use.

Trial Period

Campaign assets and supporting visuals to promote the idea of switching to reusable menstrual products by clearly communicating the benefits of doing so.

The campaign is live in 2019 between 11 November and 6 December, but feel free to share these assets all year round.

Recycle Week 2019 – Stakeholder Events

Presentations and supporting materials to support Recycle Week 2019.


Upcycling is a great way to give your old things a new lease of life. Alternatively, if you find something in a re-use shop that is the right size for your room, but the wrong colour/style – upcycling it can make it fit your needs.

RFS Contamination Toolkit

Recycle for Scotland local authority contamination toolkit. These materials encourage householders to rinse their cans, bottles and food cotnainers so that they don’t contaminate other materials. These materials can be downloaded and localised.

RFS Brand Guidelines

Information and guidance on using the Recycle for Scotland brand.

RFS Reduced Frequency Toolkit

Recycle for Scotland local authority national reduced frequency toolkit. These materials have been created to help local authorities communicate with householders about changes to their waste and recycling services – highlighting the reduced frequency of non-recyclable waste collections.

Smoking Related Litter Toolkit

RFS Everyone Has Food Waste Toolkit

Recycle for Scotland local authority Everyone Has Food Waste toolkit. These materials target lapsed users of local authority food waste collections, providing a reminder that everyone has food waste. These templates can be downloaded and localised.

RFS Service Change

Flytipping Toolkit

RFS Communication toolkit: Plastic pots, tubs and trays

This toolkit has been created to help local authorities communicate with residents about recycling their plastic pots, tubs and trays.

Love Food Hate Waste and Home Composting Toolkit

This toolkit is aimed at residents in rural areas that don’t have a food waste collection, focussing first on how to reduce avoidable food waste, then advice on home composting for unavoidable food waste. It references a variety of resources and provides advice on how to use them.

LFHW ‘What’s in Your Kitchen?’ Recipe Collection

A collection of 15 recipes and food waste reduction hints and tips, contributed by partners from across Scotland.

Re-use session guides

A series of 14 guides for running re-use workshops. They include sessions around encouraging people to buy 2nd hand, donate for re-use, hiring instead of buying, upcycling and repairing.

RFS Communication Toolkit: Colour-separated Glass Recycling Collections

This guide has been produced to help Scottish Local Authorities effectively communicate to householders about new or expanded colour-separated glass collections. The guidance applies to kerbside schemes (where householders collect glass separately from other waste streams and colour separation is carried out by the operator at the collection vehicle or later in the process), and to local recycling points (where the householder separates the glass by colour at the shared recycling facilities).

Repair and Share Guide

This guide includes the story of six repair and share projects to inspire you, as well as specific guidance on setting up your own organisation and marketing it. We begin with some top tips for success as well as linking to a host of useful resources for you to find out more at the end of the guide.

Love Food Hate Waste

This collection contains all our material related to the Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

European Regional Development Fund

A suite of logos and guidelines for grant recipents of European Regional Development Funding (ERDF).

Love Food Hate Waste Education Resource

This is an interdisciplinary learning pack for all of primary and early secondary levels. The activities, PowerPoints and resources can be used outside the classroom by anyone who works with young people. The resource is in production and will be available soon.

RfS Schools Resources – Food Waste Recycling

Recycle for Scotland food waste recycling lesson resources for use in primary schools with pupils aged between 7 and 11. For use by teachers and local authority waste officers.

RfS Schools Resources – Recycling

Recycle for Scotland recycling lesson resources for use in primary schools with pupils aged between 7 and 11. For use by teachers and local authority waste officers.

Revolve Media Toolkit

This toolkit has been created by the Zero Waste Scotland PR team to support Revolve organisations promoting their certification in local media outlets and newspapers.

Context Specific Litter Materials

Communications has a key role to play in engaging and motivating the public to change their behaviour through effective and accessible messaging.

Research conducted by Zero Waste Scotland indicates that littering behaviour is affected by a number of factors including location, amenity, time of day, social situation, audience and perception of individual litter types.

Below you will find materials and messaging for nine different locations. The materials include PDFs that can be used as they are, plus the corresponding design files, so that with the appropriate software, they can be amended to suit your specific requirements.

These materials have no overarching branding or style in use, allowing you to apply your own, if desired.

Re-use and repair how to guides

RFS Food Waste Collection Toolkit

Recycle for Scotland local authority food waste collection toolkit. These materials have been developed to provide local authorities with the necessary materials and guidance to roll out a new food waste collection service successfully.
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