Decluttering Consumer Toolkit


Are you looking for ways to have less of an impact on the planet?

You’re not alone. Here at Zero Waste Scotland we’ve been inundated with questions, requests and suggestions as people have gone from looking to reduce how much plastic they use to looking at a whole host of other ways to reduce their impact on the planet.

Having a declutter is a brilliant way to get stuff you no longer use into the hands of someone that will. Not only do you get to have a good old clear out and make some much needed space, getting your unwanted stuff back into use is also a fantastic way to reduce your impact on the planet. Everything you pass on has the potential to displace the need for someone to buy a brand new version, meaning we preserve virgin resources and stop perfectly good items ending up going to waste.

Passing things on also feels great, can help good causes and could make someone else’s day. Everyone’s a winner.

Here’s our guide to how you can get involved.



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